Coffee's For Closers Only..." If you can name the movie this quote originated from, then you probably know... Closing is where the money is. But the only way you can get any money to flow to you will be to close your prospect. No, "I'll sign up tomorrow" from your prospect, they will get out their credit card and give you all the info you need to charge them RIGHT NOW! And the funny thing... It really isn't that hard, once you know how to do it properly. This module will help you do just that 🙂 "They're sitting out there, waiting to give you their money, will you take it?" Greg Gomez III (I love that movie 😉
Mind Map
Introduction Closing Script Basics 1
Closing Script Basics 2 Closing Script Basics 3
Closing Script Template 1 Closing Script Template 2
Buying vs. Objection Advanced Techniques
Action Steps
Q&A Call part 1 Q&A Call part 2
Weekly Log Sheet