Let me let you in on a little secret... This is what separates the top recruiters in the industry from the wannabees... 80% of your success as a network marketer, will be based on how well you prospect. Not closing. Not Objection Handling. Not Even Your Presentation call. Nope. The single most important skill you need to develop in your sales arsenal isn't even a sales technique, its prospecting. These videos will walk you through my step-by-step psychological break down of every sentence of my multi-million dollar earning prospecting script template. Enjoy and let's get to work 😉 G III
Mind Map
Introduction Prospecting Script Template 1
Prospecting Script Template 2 Mental Side of Prospecting 1
Mental Side of Prospecting 2 Mental Side of Prospecting 3
Q&A Call
Part 1
Q&A Call
Part 2
Script Script 2
Area Codes Document
Good Enough Tracker
Script Script 2
Blueprint Promo Script
Rebuttal Scripts