Welcome to the first of 6 business-transforming modules, dedicated to help you reach your recruiting goals. HOW TO GET STARTED! The first thing you want to do is get a couple of notebooks.
    1. One for notes (obviously). 2. And a second for your questions.
As you go through the training videos (or audios) I STRONGLY recommend you jot your questions down. Then continue educating yourself, by listening further. Most questions should be answered by the videos and audios, but if they aren't you'll want to ask me directly either thru email or conference calls. Q&A Call-in Days: I'll be providing you several ways to get your questions answered as we go. My favorite way to answer questions is over the phone, so a major way I'll be answering your questions is on the live call-in days (Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern 4 PM Pacific). Now, I'll be doing my best to answer each question myself to make sure you get the best answer for your situation, this is much easier for me to do "live", however if you can't make a live call, you're more than welcome to shoot me an email at;

Subject: Question for class. I'll then answer those on the calls so you can listen to the recordings at your convenience. Email support: As great as live answers are, sometimes there is no way around an email needing to be sent. Because I most answers require my personal attention this can mean a bit of a wait, so please be patient as responses can take up to 48 hours to receive for standard questions, or within a few hours for "emergency" situations. ( I decide if it's an emergency or if it can wait.) I'm very excited for you to start using the material and implement it into your business. Well, that's it for the intros... Now let's get to work! The first set of videos are focused on clarifying a proper mindset for this system. How to get the most mileage in the shortest time from these strategies. The second set is all about how to find your perfect market. DON'T JUMP AHEAD! Listen to them in order as they build upon the previous lessons. Enjoy and as always let me know ANY questions you have. -G III
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Introduction Materials & Equipment
Putting It All Together Myths & Market Selection 1
Myths & Market Selection 2 Market Applications 1
Market Applications 2